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For the past ten years, Carl Kandutsch has represented and advised some of the nation's most dynamic and successful satellite video providers, as well as MDU property owners and managers. While property owners and satellite providers often stand on opposite sides of a negotiation, the common theme in Dr. Kandutsch's legal practice has been a commitment to bringing competition to MDU markets for video programming providers. Satellite providers and property owners/managers each share a common interest in facilitating competition and enhancing consumer choice for MDU residents.

Although satellite providers are exempt from the FCC's ban on exclusive video access agreements, as a practical matter, competitive service providers seeking to grab market share from cable incumbents in the MDU world need to adjust their business models away from the exclusive access paradigm and toward consumer choice. That shift in turn requires an ability to see property owners and managers not as adversaries but as allies in a campaign to bring choice to MDU residents. The successful provider must be able to convey to its owner/manager customer the financial benefits associated with competition, to elicit the owner/manager's cooperation and assistance in leveraging FCC rules for the purpose of gaining access to existing inside wiring, and to effectively negotiate a fair deal, mutually benefiting both parties, and including all the legal protections needed to establish a level playing field.

Our Services & Approach

The Kandutsch Law Office brings not only a wealth of experience to its service provider clients, but also a deep understanding of the property owner's needs and priorities and of the tactics used by incumbent cable operators to block competitive access by alternative providers to MDU properties.

The Kandutsch Law Office is well suited to assist service providers at each step of the process, and to provide advice and representation on related issues including:

  • Advice and counsel on legal and regulatory aspects of property access, wiring issues or the provision of video, data and telephone services, as well as the MDU business generally
  • Handling conflicts with owners/managers
  • Dealing with default and termination notices
  • Handling conflicts with incumbent or insurgent operators
  • Negotiation and consummation of asset purchase and sale transactions

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Dr. Kandutsch's practice is honest, ethical, and based on experience, trust, and professionalism. Please contact the Kandutsch Law Office for a free consultation and assessment.


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contracts_iconMany MDU property owners and management companies do not pay sufficient attention to their existing telecommunications and cable contracts. If that's true of your company, you may be overlooking opportunities to leverage additional value from your assets.

Therefore, as a free service for my clients, I offer a detailed confidential review, examination, and assessment of your existing cable and telecom agreements. Click here.

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"Our 399 unit condo decided to move from a bulk cable service contract to a competitive cable service environment. Carl helped us manage the complicated process of terminating the multiyear bulk contract ...


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Member, Board of Directors
Multifamily Broadband Council (MBC) 

In wake of the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry called Improving Competitive Broadband Access to Multiple Tenant Environments, competitive access to multi-tenant properties is again a burning public policy issue. We intend to summarize the controversy in a series of blog entries in the coming weeks.

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