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Rising Retransmission Consent Fees Are Putting Pressure on MSOs for a la Carte Programming Choices

Online Video Distribution (OVD) presents a long-term threat to the traditional broadcast model of information distribution, and this is why traditional MVPDs (multichannel video programming distributors such as cable operators and satellite television providers) are attempting to control the future of OVD via various “TV Everywhere” initiatives. As we draw nearer to the tipping point at which cable TV gives way to OVD, we will see various bumps along the way, some of which will be good for consumers.

For example, a la carte programming tiers may be one indirect benefit of competitive pressure being applied to traditional MVPDs by online video distribution.

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Written by: Carl Kandutsch


"Our 399 unit condo decided to move from a bulk cable service contract to a competitive cable service environment. Carl helped us manage the complicated process of terminating the multiyear bulk contract ...


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Member, Board of Directors
Multifamily Broadband Council (MBC) 

In wake of the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry called Improving Competitive Broadband Access to Multiple Tenant Environments, competitive access to multi-tenant properties is again a burning public policy issue. We intend to summarize the controversy in a series of blog entries in the coming weeks.

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