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Broadband Communities Magazine has recognized the Kandutsch Law Office as one of the Top 100 MDU Technology Providers for 2012. See

Written by: Carl Kandutsch


Current Legal Issues for Private Cable Operators

Notes for my presentation at IMCC meeting in St. Louis, October 17, 2012

Written by: Carl Kandutsch


Aereo TV decision is putting pressure on broadcasters

On July 11, 2012, a U.S. District Court in New York denied a motion for preliminary injunction filed by broadcasters (including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBCUniversal) to stop Aereo TV from continuing to deliver local TV stations to viewers to connected devices through the Internet. An interesting review of Aereo’s service can be found here.

Written by: Carl Kandutsch


US Department of Justice to investigate whether MVPDs are using TV Everywhere business models and consumer bandwidth caps to suppress competition from online video distributors

According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal  on June 13, the Antitrust Division of the DoJ is conducting a wide-ranging antitrust investigation into whether cable companies are acting improperly to quash nascent competition from online video.

Cable companies provide both television channels and high-speed Internet access for many consumers in the U.S. With broadband Internet, consumers can watch individual programs or channels through online video services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, bypassing the cable company's traditional bundles of channels.

Written by: Carl Kandutsch


Media Bureau Seeks Comment on Interpretation of Terms “Multi-Channel Video Programming Distributor” and “Channel”

The FCC’s Media Bureau has requested (DA 12-507, MB Docket No. 12-83) comments on the implications of expanding the term “Multi-Channel Video Programming Distributor” or MVPD to include online video distributors that currently operate outside the regulatory framework that governs video distribution by cable, satellite and telephone companies.

Written by: Carl Kandutsch


DIRECTV and Dish Network Petition to Amend the OTARD Rules

The FCC’s OTARD rules restrict limitations on antennas and small dishes on property owned or leased by the party wanting to make the installation, and subject to the MDU resident’s exclusive control. The FCC has allowed landlords and HOAs to restrict the placement of OTARD devices in common areas not subject to the individual resident’s exclusive control.

Written by: Carl Kandutsch


Brazil: Satellite TV Opportunities

Recently I read this:

DIRECTV eyes Latin American Growth

DirecTV is looking to conquer Latin America with a plan to double revenue and subscribers in the region over the next five years. The satellite TV company was recently able to add about 550,000 new customers in the region during its first quarter, a figure that apparently surpassed expectations and made the company excited for future growth.

Written by: Carl Kandutsch


Rising costs of sports programming are destroying the traditional cable television delivery model

By the numbers: The spiraling cost of sports programming Media analysts are increasingly talking about the skyrocketing cost of sports television — and, more importantly, the potential for that trend to undermine the pay TV model and spur a new round of cord cutting.

So just how high are those costs?

Written by: Carl Kandutsch


Law Office of Carl E. Kandutsch to Present at the 2012 Broadband Communities Summit

Leading Event on Fiber-to-the-Home and Broadband Access Technologies

Law Office of Carl E. Kandutsch today announced that Dr. Kandutsch, attorney will present at the 2012 Broadband Communities Summit in Dallas Texas, April 24-April 26.  Dr. Kandutsch will participate in the Modern Right of Way Management session, part of the event’s Open Access Track program.  The session is scheduled for Wednesday, April 25 at 8:00am CST.

Written by: Carl Kandutsch


Follow up: SkyAngel case at the FCC

Following up on my article on the SkyAngel case at the FCC:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is no longer sure just how to define a multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD), and its final decision on the matter could have major implications for Internet-based video services.

Written by: Carl Kandutsch


"Our 399 unit condo decided to move from a bulk cable service contract to a competitive cable service environment. Carl helped us manage the complicated process of terminating the multiyear bulk contract ...


 MBC logo Final jpeg

Member, Board of Directors
Multifamily Broadband Council (MBC) 

In wake of the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry called Improving Competitive Broadband Access to Multiple Tenant Environments, competitive access to multi-tenant properties is again a burning public policy issue. We intend to summarize the controversy in a series of blog entries in the coming weeks.

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